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Fic: Karma para principiantes

Posted on 2010.11.29 at 21:59
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Karma para principiantes
Sam + Dean, John
PG | 1077 palabras
[Pre-series] Cuando John les mira por el retrovisor y dice que van a parar en el siguiente motel que vean, Dean lo agradece mentalmente y cree que quizá, solo quizá, es el fin de su racha de mala suerte. Entonces, Sam empieza a babearle en el hombro. 

―No se te habrá cruzado un gato negro, ¿no, hijo?Collapse )


'Cause I still get lost even when I've been living here fot two years now

Posted on 2010.09.26 at 22:29
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Okay, so... I'm on a little vacation with my parents. And I don't have that much time to surf the Web but I do get a lot of time to think about things I would like to do when I get home and start my laptop. I don't know. Things like read more fics and revise my German for classes this week (and something must be wrong with me when I lump together reading porny fics and study a language).

In short: a lot of things in my head + too much free time without Internet + my love for lists = Random Boring Things List!

YAY! List!Collapse )


VID: Satellite (You Got Me)

Posted on 2010.08.27 at 00:24
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Current Music: Elephant Woman - Blonde Redhead
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Hi there, I guess

Posted on 2010.07.26 at 23:21
Current Mood: creative
Still not sure what I'll be doing with this journal. I have a vid and some fics and I could talk write about some random things I have in my head, so I'll come up with something.

Just wanted to say hi.