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VID: Satellite (You Got Me)


Uzume Aya
Title: Satellite (You Got Me)
Song: Satellite
Artist: Lena Meyer-Landrut
Warnings: hmm... too much cuteness and adorableness?
Characters/Pairings: Cole, Dylan
Length: 2:17
Links: YouTube, Mediafire
A/N: I'm such a loser with vid making... I've been doing this one since exam period -early Juny. Yeah, I know. A turtle would have done it faster. Anyway, I heard this song for the first time during Eurovision Song Contest 2010 and I totally loved it. It sounded really casual and fresh and I just thought it could go nice enough with the boys. I had so much fun.



Tags: sprouse bros, vid
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Cuuuutttee. I love this. ♥

(Also. Best warning ever, haha.)
Yay, thanks for the comment!
Glad you liked it!
You know, I've just realized you're the author of one of my favourite Sprousecest fics ever! 'Somewhere in between' is totally amazing! I feel like re-reading it (it would be my third time).

It's just... Woah, I can't believe you liked my vid! *blushes*
Omg. You are the sweetest thing ever, seriously, thank you. XDD

I love your vid, it's in my favorites. XD
Oh my, really? *blushes blushes* You're so cute!

Mm... wanna be friends? =3
Hee! You are adorable yourself. XD

Yes, sure! *friends you*
Thank you! *friends you back*


There's hardly ever any new sprouse fanvids about *pouts* so this rocked my socks so hard that I openly *squealled* when I saw it, then squeaked again when I watched it!! Oh, and you can vid. The song was great, love that song and the editing so, so good .... gonna stop now before I gush out all over lol. Thanks so much for sharing, hope you make more <3

OMG, I don't even know what to say! (It's all this sparkling. It's so stunning and cute I have no words) But I'm SO glad you liked it, really! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And the song... I'm really happy you liked the song. 'Cause I loved this song so much when I first heard it that I immediately wanted to make a sprouse vid. But then when I was about to finish the vid it came to my mind that half the people who watched it wouldn't gonna be happy with the song (since it talks about romantic feelings and such things). In the end, I was like "I don't really care what people thinks about it. Some people will like it, some people won't".

And it's truth, there's hardly ever any new sprouse fanvids... But they're awesome, aren't they? So I suppose I should make some more or something. But I think it's going to take an eternity since I'm that slow. But sure, I'll do it!
aww love that you don't know what to say hunnie, that's so cute because I'm still gobsmacked by the vid - for the exact reasons why you weren't sure about it. Not that you had/have anything to be unsure about. I love your "I don't really care what people thinks about it. Some people will like it, some people won't". because that's how I feel when it comes to dylan and cole and it's so true. I'm just really grateful and happys you made and shared this with us. I really hope you do make more, I would make them 24/7 and such if I knew how to make vids *huffs*, no matter how long it takes <3 btw, you wanna be friends? :D

Oh God, I'm so happy you liked the vid! Yay! And it's true, we shouldn't even care about what people think (but sometimes you can't help it, right?). We're doing no harm, so why do people care about what we like or we don't?

I feel like making more vids. You know, when people like it and they tell you it's really encouraging. (Thank you, thank you)

Of course I wanna be friends! *giggles* I'm adding you right now.


August 28 2010, 18:19:42 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  August 28 2010, 18:20:06 UTC

aww bless, you colour me happy you know that ;D And we're definitely doing no harm but sometimes the hate and such hurts. I just switch off to it all now :D

*wonders what I can use to bribe you along into making more?* lol. That's great ^_____________^ (you're welcomes, you're welcomes)

YAY! TY! *adds you right back* :D <3

Este fanvid es tan pero tan KJDJEWHRJET y cosas bonitas,miles de cosas bonitas xD
en serio,es uno de mis favoritos ahora.
Porque joder,los Sprouse están casados hasta el infinito x)))

te voy a agregar y eso(aunque no use mucho esto XD)
¡Oh, alguien que habla español! ¡Y no solo hablas español sino que te gusta el Sprousecest! Yay, ¡soy feliz! *da saltitos de alegría* Estoy TAN feliz que no sé ni qué puedo decir. Bueno, sí: ¡muchas gracias por el comentario! ¡Me encanta que te haya gustado el video!

Ahora mismo te agrego ♥

PD: como soy un poco cotilla me he pasado por tu perfil de usuario... la verdad es que tenemos cosillas en común (entre otras cosas, te gusta Supernatural) =D